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HurryQ offers many ways to increase customer satisfaction and sales revenue. HurryQ can be tailored in the dashboard to fit every kind of queue, whether you are a Museum, business, airline, event or restaurant.

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Our benefits Feature rich — Enhance your service

HurryQ is very flexible and rich of features to suit to all kinds of companies and queues.

Child's play

HurryQ requires zero configuration or change in business processes. HurryQ supports your existing processes and won't require you to change them.

Highly customizable

HurryQ can be customized to fit all kinds of queues. Whether you are waiting at museums, airports, barbers, supermarkets or shuttle busses.

Built for offline

Internet is only needed when you want to step in line. Waiting time updates and reminders will be sent from your device. Ideal for international visitors.

Purchase tickets in-app

Customers can purchase tickets or other services directly via the HurryQ app. E-tickets can be retrieved from your existing systems such as Recreatex.

Useful insights

HurryQ offers many insights in your business processes. Improve your visitor throughput, customer satisfaction and reduce waiting times.

External integrations

HurryQ is made to integrate with your existing business processes. Connect to your ticket systems, administraton, website, apps and other software.

Pilot Try HurryQ — Free pilot

Interested how HurryQ would work in your business? We trust in our services and that's why we provide free pilots at your location. We will arrange everything and present you the results.

HurryQ can run next to your existing operations and does not require any change in your business processes. This makes HurryQ easy to enable and disable for your business.

HurryQ is made to integrate. We offer connectors with ticketing systems such as Recreatex, financial systems (e.g. Exact), your apps and your website.

Visitors tend to avoid your venture if queues are present. Our ground personnel will reach out to those visitors and make them stand in line digitally instead of leaving.

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